Bratislava Express

2015.04.05 12:06

Because the Zoo Bratislava uses enrichment items for their Great Apes, therefore I previously agreed with “Zoological Department” I carry toys and blankets for (Common) Chimpanzees and (Sumatran) Orangutan, Filip. The Zoo Bratislava was awfully nice and very glad for gift, and I hope, the Creatures will be happy from the items.


Filip's birthday party (Source: Zoo Bratislava via Facebook)

The little enrichment “package”

Meet Majoránka. I now knew the beautiful, calm and smart Majoránka, who born in 1996 (15th of October) at Liberec, so she will be 19 year-old in this year. Majoránka had a twin-sister, but she passed away when she was ca. 2 year-old, of course it was a great shock for Majoránka. Moreover, the Chimp mom did not show interest in her babies, therefore Majoránka's mum had become a human keeper. She is a very communicative, curious, lovable female, who has sad eyes, but incredible (great and protruding) ears and this combination is phenomenal.


Majoránka and her twin-sister (Source:

Majoránka (Source: Zoo Bratislava Chimpanzee Prospectus)

Majoránka is painting (Source:

Majoránka in 2015, April

Lot of video about Majoránka, the 4 year-old Shani and her mum: Uschi and the more Chimpanzee on my YouTube channel: