Capability development toys for Baboons and Great Apes

2015.02.10 15:48

As I mentioned in my many article, the Baboons and Great Apes' instruction is awfully important at captivity, that their life will be easier, more meaningful and we keep their mental and intellectual acuity.


To this target adequate tools are the followings:


Miracle cube:

Rubik cube:

Pyramid ring:

Greater size tree- or hard plastic building blocks:

Arcade maze or Skill-labyrinth:

Tree- or hard plastic form filling toy:

Balls: rattler-, spiny-, light-, stress- and treats hiding ball:

Tree diamond logical puzzle and ball-freed:

Toy (greater) musical instruments:

Soft toys and dolls:


and of course: things (cap, scarf, blanket, poncho etc.), because lot of Great Apes love to dressing.

To an event (e. g. Birthday), super idea is the Birthday Party, we can use party supplies as paper, plastic glass, dish, party cap etc.