DIY Monkey Enrichment

2015.04.21 00:24

In this small article I present some very easy to make or cheap enrichment items for monkeys. If you have not creative idea or enough money to buy concrete tools, these are great solutions... of course, if you have not money you need some diligence and work – I am sorry.


One of my favourite tool is the Matryoshka doll. In lot of Hungarian Family is such tree doll (after the 45 yo Soviet occupation), to that we take the smaller painted tree dolls. Of course, we can not give the 2-3 smallest dolls to the monkeys (these are dangerous), but we can use the larger items.

Do each other 2-3 dolls, to the smallest we take some piece (not salt) nut, raisin or other treats.

We can make edible bag too from leaves or wafer (edible paper), that includes some almond, fig etc. The monkey will be curious, what is in the inside?

The monkeys awfully love the peanut butter, in the United States lot of time called Monkey Butter. For example in the C.A.R.E. of South Africa the volunteers smeared the twigs by peanut butter (and jelly), and stick to the surface nuts, dried fruits and other seeds. If the termite is a bad construction in the enclosure, we can take to gaps of the termite these food-enrichment items or can use magic straws too (if our primates do not diabetic). If we can not use the inside of termite, can use the outside. E.g. With some peanut butter we can pain one-one tree or in patches the termite too, that lick down the creatures. 

We can make lollypop too for the animals from banana, peanut batter and some cornflakes (crunchy monkey peanut butter banana). Of course this is an energy-bomb, therefore we use it when we celebrate anything.

We can pierce the half-hard, colourful balls and can take inside some papper (or straw, grass) and one piece fresh fruit or vegetable.

From colourful or monocrome pasta, popcorn and cornflakes (but from vegitable and fruits too) we can make nice necklances for the monkeys, that they will be eat, but maybe they will wear those till some moments. Of course, adequate solution is the flower too – as on Hawaii.