ENRICHMENT for Baboons and Great Apes at CAPTIVITY

2015.03.20 15:19

At my Pinterest channel I collected enrichment tools (first of all human kid-toys) that lot of zoo and sanctuary uses to baboons and great apes.

You can see these here: https://www.pinterest.com/csillafrank/monkeys-and-their-toys-celebrations/


Of course, an enclosure has minimal requirements (horizontal, vertical, size, botanical, water supply etc.), tell the true I had seen adequate enclosure awfully rarely, therefore the really animal-love and enrichment can be very helpful for the “inhabitants”.


Choomba, G.g. gorilla, with mirror, Zoo Atlanta
(photo by Jodi Carrigan)


The professional and in 100% safety enrichment for the great apes and monkeys is (1.) food- or (2.) non-food solution.

In this field the Zoo Atlanta is the “standard”, the proof training assembled by Jodi Carrigan.


Muke, G.g. gorilla, Utah's Hogle Zoo
(photo by Jameson Weston)


Food-based enrichment: https://gorillassp.org/FoodEnrichment.html (you can download at PDF)

Non food-based enrichment: https://gorillassp.org/NonFoodEnrichment.html (you can download at PDF)


Hamadryas Baboon, Prospect Park Zoo
(photo by Julie Larsen)


The perfect solution is the combining of the professional- and human enrichment.