It is a beautiful day!

2015.02.06 18:32

Parents” of little Mia at Latvia, “mini Zoo”, Agita and Varis wrote today an email to me and sent lot of photo about their wonderful, cute Anubis Baboon (one of my great love!), Mia. (All of the photos I got from "mini Zoo":



Ca. 2 weeks ago I sent a small package to my favorite “Anubis pearl”, the injured small Mia, and dear Agita and Varis made lot of picture about the moments, when Mia gets the little things.


Maybe, little Mia's leg (and her fingers on her left hand) injured, she is absolutely beautiful and happy!


Many-many thanks for the lovely photos, I awfully touched. My heart had become full of love as I saw Mia's smart and interested look, eyes and her beautiful smile... as a human infant... or sorry, in a baby baboon is more love lot of time than in a human...

Mia now tasted chocolate (M&M's) first time and Agita and Varis told that she liked it :-)

(At behavior research of Chimpanzees the Apes gets some choc and gum (e.g. gummy bears, jelly) as prize, the monkeys and Apes in general love the sweets, but the Chimps tends to get fat. But sometimes can be “child-day”.)


My favourite photo about beautiful, little Mia. Mia has smiling eyes. XOXO


The DNA of Papio Genus (5 Baboons: Hamadryas-, Anubis-, Yellow-, Chacma- and Guinea Baboon) is same in 91% with us, humans. This is very high, they are one of our closest relatives!



From the biological and behavior science we know yet, the baboons are same smart than the Great Apes (Orangutan, Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Bonobo). Of course, the Great Apes' genetically substance is same to human in 97% or so, in case of the Chimp's and Bonobo in 98,7%, so the Chimpanzees and Bonobos are our closest relatives... but, the Baboons are the largest (and I declare by my observations, that base on several years: the most intelligent and cleverest too) monkeys after the Great Apes!



I am always glad when I see that in a zoo, sanctuary, wildlife park etc. the owners, the management and the zookeepers really love the creatures and I experience from first moment this in the “mini Zoo”.

I see that, the injured little Mia, as Anubis Baboon on the IUCN “Red list” in “LC” (Least Concern) conservation status is also valuable (!), honored and the most important: really and deeply loved creature.



I believe, this is the essence of zoos... Humanity, know-how and love!