Maszatka and her "husband"

2015.07.14 21:53

I wrote about the Budapest Zoo's Hamadryas Baboons and their 2 harems some days ago. In one of the two harems are two individuals, my lovely Maszatka and Dezső, the younger male Baboon, who thinks that, ha has an own harem - with one female, Maszatka. He save Maszat as a bodyguard, Maszat can not passes beside Dezsőke, because the male bite her neck... she is Dezső's coronation jewellery. 


Maszat can not pass beside Dezső (Hamadryas Baboons)

Love Baboons I.

Love Baboons II.

Hamadryas Baboons: 2 harems, 1 enclosure (Budapest Zoo)