"Maszatos" videók (Videos about Maszat)

2015.05.21 21:52

Little Maszat Hamadryas Baboon girl at the Budapest Zoo is very special today too, she is absolutely faithful and lovable.

Here is some new video about Maszatka and her "family" (I signed my favourite, nice videos):

Baboon "alarm"

Danger for the Baboons at Budapest

Dilemma of Baboons

Hamadryas Baboon Social Network-building

Maszat (Hamadryas Baboon at the Budapest Zoo)

Maszatka's ugly butt (Hamadryas Baboon)

Maszat, the "body-builder" hamadryas baboon

Which male baboon is the stronger? (Hamadryas Baboon)

Hamadryas Baboons' afternoon (Budapest Zoo)

Hamadryas Baboon, Maszat's "miracle"

Dour Baboon - Rezső

Baboon Maszatka: the smartest girl

Here and there: Hamadryas Baboon Maszatka

Hamadryas Baboon and the miracle package

Hamadryas Baboons Feeding Time by Zoo

Angry Baboon

Baboons' new tunnel (Budapest Zoo)