“Seven dwarfs” of Budapest

2014.11.11 21:00

The “seven dwarfs” in this case of course are seven Hamadryas Baboons at the Budapest Zoo.




Age: ca. 5 yo.

Gender: male

Social status: Pasha, the Male Alpha

Nutritional hierarchy: 1.


  • physical power

  • loves to assembly (everything) and dig alone

  • knows his name “Rezső” (but by familiar voice)

  • basically calm (dose not aggressive male)

  • learns by human imitation 

  • his hand-coordination developed lot at the past months (he catches the things in 90%, this result was some months ago 10-20%)

  • loves to show his power (lifts up great stones, trees etc.) and waits for the praise


  • uses of “double standards” with the females (shows favor)

  • no grooming (during 6 months he groomed only Babóca two occasions)

  • first is his paunch (food), second is the order and the mating

  • lazy”

His most important program:

  • I want to eat all of the day.”

  • I have been interested in food only: dates, raisin, orange, nuts, muesli, mandarin etc.”




Age: ca. 4 yo.

Gender: female

Social status: “Female Alpha”

Nutritional hierarchy: 3-4. (with Beszédes)


  • she built a very strong connection with Rezső (always is near Rezső and lot of time she is grooming Rezső): central female

  • does not typical opportunity eater (as the Baboons)

  • has maternal instinct toward Bogyó

  • attractive, light coloured baboon with light face-skin


  • silly”

  • as “dominant female”, felts her higher position in communication and bites ass of the females (especially when they are open to the mating)

  • awfully jealous (wants an exclusive and monogamous relationship with Rezső)

Her most important program:

  • I am always with Rezső, therefore I “feed with light”.”




Age: ca. 3,5-4 yo.

Gender: female

Social status: “Second Female Alpha”

Nutritional hierarchy: 2.


  • violent” to her interest

  • loves to play with little Bogyó

  • built a relative strong connection with Rezső (by grooming): central female

  • learns by baboon imitation

  • relative clever


  • felts her higher position (most aggressive with Maszat)

  • malicious

  • has a constant conflict with a maned sheep in the enclosure

Her most important program:

  • Who may be lost (quarrel)?”




Age: ca. 4,5 yo.

Gender: female

Social status: Moderate

Nutritional hierarchy: 3-4. (with Babóca)


  • balanced in her relationships (she belongs to Rezső, but tries to be in well connection with others too)

  • balanced in the feeding (asks, but this is not live-die question)

  • loves to play better than Babóca and Maszat, but not so than Bogyó and Aranka


  • because she is a balanced baboon in medium rank, therefore she has not extreme negative behaviour or attribution: sometimes she bickers with Maszat, Aranka, Bogyó or Rezső, copulates with Dezső too, but she is “invisible”, “average” at the group.

Her most important program:

  • I am a well-balanced equalizer.”




Age: ca. 3 yo.

Gender: female

Social status: Moderate

Nutritional hierarchy: 5.


  • she is the smallest and youngest, therefore everybody loves

  • she is very handy, loves to stand on her head and at same time screams

  • highly player, because kid yet

  • persistent

  • has great “love (or attention) needs”


  • she has lot of “false alarm”

  • randy a bit

  • does not so smart

  • she loves to seek any scapegoat (this is an human visitor or an other baboon: anyone), if she takes any bad thing

Her most important program:

  • Give me any food, please, and I “tell on” (YOU to) Rezső!”

  • I scream in two cases: (1.) if must, (2.) if no.”




Age: ca. 4 yo.

Gender: male

Social status: Moderate

Nutritional hierarchy: 6.


  • learns by baboon imitation

  • very intelligent in social aspect (has good connection with the females, the grooming is a routine for Dezső)

  • he is a great “kid”, awfully loves to play: chases, stands on his head or hands, makes somersaults, brings-carries stones, piece of wood etc.

  • loves to play with Bogyó (and Rezső too)

  • cares of Bogyó

  • helpful (e.g. the girls wanted to move a greater cliff and he saw this and turned the stone for the females)

  • has some real emotional bonding and loyalty (he has open and honest interest toward Maszat, the lowest ranking female and Bogyó too)

  • has not aggression (never offends other baboons)

  • lives sexual life with Maszat, Babóca and Beszédes too (activer than Rezső), he is a young and secret, lovely Casanova


  • shy toward Rezső, fear from Rezső

  • very young male, therefore he is not serious and strong enough

His most important program:

  • Play, play, play... and I love every girl!”




Age: ca. 4,5 yo.

Gender: female

Social status: Weak

Nutritional hierarchy: 7.


  • very clever, can thinking, to make difficult strategy

  • has best memory

  • understands some signs (by hand, mouth, eyes)

  • learns by human imitation

  • basically tolerant and very faithful (as a good dog)

  • has great hunger for love

  • best rock-climbing

  • has emotional intelligent (bonding to human)

  • pretty, has longer limbs and darker hair and face-skin


  • she separated herself, does not seek connections yet with the baboons

  • she fears from the baboons (excluding from Dezső)

  • has not friend and strong relations (has the strongest relation with Dezső)

  • sometime impatient with me, therefore all of the baboons come around and she has more difficult situation to catch the muesli, pomegranate, nuts etc. (because of great stress and weak social connections she is in an “altered state of consciousness” when she “close out the world” as reflex of Pavlov... otherwise she is very lonely and lot of time sad)

  • avoids confrontations, weak in her interests

  • without any reason” “offends” the sheeps (because of distraction)

Her most important program:

  • Waiting for Csilla.” :-)

  • To mislead the other baboons.”

  • To survive the day without any conflict.”