The adequate Zoo enclosure of the baboons

2014.09.16 20:59

I present those baboon enclosures, which I think adequate for (Papio Genus) baboons, so this is a “best of” list.


First of all, does not the most important, the Zoo uses “cages” (grids) or electric fence, but:

  • size of enclosure

  • infrastructure (rocks, trees, toys, (drinking) water etc.) of enclosure

  • the number of individuals and composition of enclosure (area/head relation)

  • nutrition, feeding

In these aspects the most adequate enclosures are for baboons in the following Zoos:


Singapore Zoo:

Oakland Zoo (USA):

Melbourne Zoo (Australia):

Tunis Zoo (Tunisia):

Köln (Koeln) Zoo (Germany):

Edinburgh Zoo (Scotland):


Montevideo Zoo (Uruguay) - an interesting, but not perfect/adequate enclosure:

Indianapolis Zoo (USA):