Tilin and Tina, the rescued baboon couple

2015.07.01 19:41

Tilin (adult male Hamadryas Baboon) came a long way from his life in the circus in South America, Bolivia; his story is a really heartbreaking story.

After Bolivia outlawed the use of all animals in circuses, Tilin was handed over to Animal Defenders International (ADI; homepage: https://www.ad-international.org/animal_rescues/go.php?id=1930&ssi=24) along with four lions in 2010.


Tilin, in the circus cage, where he lived all of his life, almost 20 years.


Tilin started his new life in the gorgeous Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in the UK, England after his awfully long voyage by flight.


Tilin is checked at Heathrow International Airport after his flight by ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer and Campaigns Director Tim Phillips in September, 2010.


Tilin settles into his quarantine enclosure (Tilin spent 6 months in quarantine) in Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in England.


The ADI saw Tilin's life at the Sanctuary, and soon after they started seeking a non-breeding companion for Tilin, and finally found the nice ca. 7 year old Hamadryas Baboon girl, Tina.


Lovely Tina is checked on arrival at Heathrow by ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer.


Tina was born in a captive-breeding farm in Israel and exported to Cyprus with another monkey for the pet market. When her owner could no longer handle her, she was taken in by a donkey sanctuary, where her main playmate was a German Shepherd dog. She never met other baboons, was alone as Tilin too.

Upon hearing of Tina’s situation, the opportunity to give them a life together was too good to pass up.


On initial introduction Tilin and Tina could see each other but not touch.


Soon after Tilin's rescue, Tina from Cyprus was also found by ADI as a non-breeding companion for the calm, cooperative, intelligent and wonderful Tilin.

After at least 17 years without the companionship of his own kind, the gentle and quiet Tilin finally has a friend who speaks his own baboon language.


Tilin and Tina spend time grooming each other in the sunshine.