About Bonobo Bili’s Situation at the Zoo Wuppertal

2019.02.08 20:56

Bili now lives in the Wuppertal Zoo in Germany

I wrote my opinion about this situation on the Zoo Wuppertal's FB several times, of course the zoo answered never. The zoos do not like the confrontation and if somebody speaks into their things, but lot of time they cannot understand and know their exercises.

Bili (Photo: Zoo Wuppertal)

"The "step by step socialization" (at the sanctuaries this is the protocol and better as in the zoos) in normal case is one of the first alternative, when a zoo sees the individual cannot integrates into the actual family group. Bili arrived at the Wuppertal Zoo in November, 2018., now is February, feared the process is overdue, however evaluated solution and need to try with only one, after two neutral behaviour or low risk and ranking individuals, in any case females.

The bonobo family violent attack and not natural behaviour: www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0piq4k_pK0&t=7s

If necessary, the zoo need separate the other male individuals from Bili to longer time. Because of the bonobos' matriarchal society is indispensable the alpha female accepts the new male. It helps for other protector(s) grows up from the troop. I am almost sure the Twycross Zoo told Bili's problem does not so great, it is occur, because their chimp Jambo in the near last also lost his one ear in a flight, but those battle was a power takeover attempt and happened between male chimpanzees. (I see lot of time, the zoos take the problems lightly because operates as a great factory and awake up so late.)

Bili is alone and awfully fears: www.youtube.com/watch?v=193AFR0lfik&t=6s

Bili's friend his cotton package: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf_ZI53RdUY

The chimps' social structure and aggression level is total different as bonobos', this violent aggression are not accept from bonobos neither in wild nor at captivity.

The EEP is an important thing, but the zoos - first of all - responsible their available - real time - animal collection, and the EEP can be priority only in that case, if the conditions are adequate. Possible - this really occur – the Wuppertal Zoo cannot integrate Bili into this group, particularly the time is run, but they have greater chance to built a new and small group with Bili and manage a second, separate group till than other zoo (of course with the species coordinator's work) cannot accept that group.

Today we can see yet surely, Bili - after his physical and psychical trauma, as emotional creature – made his decision and does not want to cooperate these violent individuals. If the group do not offense him, than they ignore Bili and ostracizes. He snuggles his cotton package as his friend, because he has not any protector. His psychical suppression is absolutely high, fears in every moment. In this case his life (and life condition) is the responsibility of the Zoo, do not the EEP. That is also share of EEP we do not kill an endangered (or other) individual by our incompetence or inaction.

Need a new home for Bili, in Wuppertal the socialization is too late.

With Bili must to plan small group, monogamous companion or a maximum 3-4 persons group. This is the interest of Zoo Wuppertal, the bonobo family, the public opinion, the EEP, the species coordination and finally, but in first place of Bili.