My name is Csilla Frank. I had taken my Master degrees from Hebrew language and -literature (Bible research) M.A. and Communication (Journalism and Behaviour Science) M.A. I have Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy qualifications too. In 2004 I won Scholarship to Sweden, in 2009 to Israel an International MASHAF Scholarship. I had the opportunity beside the Human Sciences as “ghostwriter” to write degree-works (B.Sc., M.Sc.) and PhD-essays from Economics M.Sc. (e.g. Corvinus University, IBS), Medicine, Natural Sciences (e.g. SOTE, SZTE), or Japanese Social and Literature Science B.A. (e.g. ELTE) too.


I can speak Hungarian, English, Hebrew and Russian languages. During my university studies I deepened / learnt Classical Greek and -Arabic, Biblical Aramaic and Latin (dead) languages too.


I absolved professional work experience at 10+ years on field of Marketing and Communication. I have been Senior Media Planner at more Media Agencies, was Marketing Communication Director at Fitness- and Martial Arts Center and Media Auditor for one of the greatest IT/Telecom multinational company.


My great love are the Baboons (Papio Genus), especially the Hamadryas- and Anubis/Olive Baboons (common DNA with humans min. 91%) and of course the Great Apes (common DNA with humans max. 98,76%), because they are extremely smart, intelligent, cooperative and wonderful creatures with great emotional potential. As Communication Expert I have been interested in their social behaviour and emotional life for a long time (2009, when I met with wild Hamadryas Baboons first time in Yemen). I think, very important exercise to deal with those creatures of life-quality who are living at captivity (at zoo, sanctuary etc.) and our great challenge to take better their life conditions. That is the true, unfortunately: They gave their life to our hand, when we took them to captivity.


                                                           Medvepáviánok vadon, Dél-Afrikában